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Guest Room Refresh

Hi!  I have been hard at work getting our upstairs bedrooms refreshed before we have guests visit next week.  First, let me share the before photos of the south side bedroom. YIKES, that blue ceiling! It’s funny, this room has become the room of “island of misfit furniture” 🙂 Reminds you of Rudolf, right? All […]


Camelback Part 3…The Reveal!

Welcome back to the conclusion of my camel back couch! If you didn’t catch the break down or step-by-step re-upholstery process check out Part 1 and Part 2 I just needed to finish off the arms and the nail head trim!  For the arms I started off by aligning the fabric over the arm portion.  Next, […]


Camelback Sofa Part 2

I have been working on reupholstering a camelback sofa see my process of tearing it down here. I started by adding a little more padding to the decking.  I just draped the batting and trimmed it to fit the area for the decking and cut it to size. BTW, don’t you just love my fantastic […]


Camelback Sofa Part 1

I don’t get many Craigslist scores where I live partly because we live in a more rural area and partly because I’m frugal and looking for a good deal.  Well let me tell you, this little couch was the jackpot and was the best price–free!  I found it on Craigslist from a woman who used […]


How To Reupholster a Vintage Settee

My awesome neighbor gave me this awesome settee she had for many, many year.  It needed a new life so I set out to reupholster it!  This project took a few weeks to complete so I don’t have pictures of all the steps (sorry), but I will post my resource page at the end of the […]


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