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Lucite Curtain Rods and Some Piano Room Updates

The piano room/entry way needed a bit of a re-vamp.  I have mulled over how I wanted to style the room for a while now but the spaces has its’ challenges. First off, let’s go back and take a look a the piano room when we first arrived.  Yes, fantastic, 80’s wallpaper!  Check out my tips […]


$30 Bay Window Curtain Rod

I recently made some curtains for the big bay window in my living room.  I have been trying to figure out a way to hang them without breaking the bank.  I looked into purchasing a bay window rod but they are so expensive and with my house being so old, odds are most standard bay window rods […]


How To Make Lined Curtains

I needed to make curtains for a few rooms in my house but I had put it off forever because it takes SOOO much fabric!  But I decided since spring is coming (it can’t get here quick enough!) that I needed to get it done so my furniture wouldn’t be baking in the sun. A […]


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