It’s All About The Little Things

So our house is old, like really old, and has had plenty of facelifts over the years (and let’s face it, updates still need to be done).

The back half of our home (the kitchen, powder room and Ryan’s office) is probably the most recent area to receive a huge remodel.   The previous owners did a FANTASTIC job with the kitchen (I still need to share pictures).  From the textured paint, tasteful floral wall paper (yes, it does exist) and detailed ceiling, I really love our kitchen.  The kitchen also has the same wall plates throughout.

Small details, like wall plates create continuity throughout a home.  I had been pretty lazy about replacing the rest of the wall plates in the house.  I have done multiple projects, like paint Ryan’s office, and not put wall plates back on after finishing.  I know, shame on me, but they were covered in wallpaper!

I went to Mernards and purchases the same wall plates that were in the kitchen for the rest of the downstairs.

Here are some of the old plates.  Not horrible, but not super nice and there are different plates all around the downstairs.

DSC_0229DSC_0230 I replaced all the almond wall plates with brushed brass plates.  DSC_0239DSC_0238DSC_0236DSC_0240


The wall covers are a small way to add “flow” throughout the entire house.  Here are a couple other details that help to add flow throughout a home.

Materials — Decorating with materials that are similar in each room adds flow to a home.  I love the look of natural wood of antiques.  Although different period pieces, we have wood antique piece in every room of our home.  The use of the same material in each room adds flow.

DSC_0405 DSC_0406

Accents — The same type of accent, in my case, blue and whites, add flow throughout the home.

edit1 DSC_0008Small details really help to create flow throughout the entire home!

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