Lucite Curtain Rods and Some Piano Room Updates

The piano room/entry way needed a bit of a re-vamp.  I have mulled over how I wanted to style the room for a while now but the spaces has its’ challenges.

First off, let’s go back and take a look a the piano room when we first arrived.  Yes, fantastic, 80’s wallpaper!  Check out my tips on how NOT TO REMOVE wallpaper and still have a smooth wall here.


The picture below is of the border wall paper seal gripped and seems mudded ready to paint!

photo 1 (1)

And here is the room painted, but still needing some updates.

DSC_0083 Not bad, but it could use a refresh.  I love the natural light in this room and so do my plants; especially the orchids, they grow like crazy in here!


I love this corner and I’m not changing a thing here!  But maybe I’ll paint the stand’s base with black lacquer.  😉


Anyways, I had mulled over the perfect set of curtains and rods for this room.  I made curtains and the rod in the living room, but the amount of time it took me to make the curtains and bend the rod was substantial.  Since the windows in the piano room are a bay window, I had to do some brain storming on what type of rod would work in this challenging space.

Enter Pinterest and lucite… I have been dead set on doing lucite curtain rods since I’ve seen them pop up all over Pinterest!  I searched for an affordable source to purchase lucite and I landed on Grace’s blog, A Storied Style.  Grace did all the research so I followed her lead and purchased the lucite rods she recommended; check out her ADORABLE nursery here as well.  I called her source for the rods and the guy who answered the phone was well aware of the drill and got me 1 1/2 inch rods ordered in a jiff!  Grace, it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve passed so much business their way you should be on payroll. 😉

Next, I had to figure out how to mount these clear beauties.  I found Kristin, at Hunted Interior, shared an amazing source for hanging her curtain rods with brass handrail brackets–what a genius idea!  So I purchased 8 of the polished brass center rail pieces.

Phew, I am one glad girl for Pinterest and other talented bloggers that source good ideas!  Once I decided on lucite rods, everything snowballed from there.

 Next, for the curtains I ended up ordering Ikea’s Ritva  in 118 inches since you can’t beat their price!  I wanted to spice them up a bit so I purchased some Greek key trim for the boarders.


I ended up sewing one panel with the side that was a bit more sparkly…  I kept looking at it and wasn’t completely happy.  It was just SO shiny, so I flipped the trim over and saw the less sparkly, in my opinion, more chic side!  I decided to seam rip the one panel I had already sewn on and go with the less sparkly side for all the curtains.DSC_0079

 After I sewed on all the trim, my next step was prepping the room.  I removed all the hardware and pried off the old shutters from the side windows.   Next I filled the holes from old hardware with spackling mud, sanded and touched up with paint.

Originally, I planned on mounting the rods with a bracket piece and a swivel joint arm for the bay window.   However, that idea did NOT work, so I ended up having to go back and order a few more center rail mounts.

Needless to say, hanging non bendable rods in a tight bay window was a difficult task.   Mounting the rods may or may not have required; a broom, tape and few (of my) tears! Haha

Seriously, Ryan pre-drilled the holes for the top screws, we taped the backs of the brass hardware (so it wouldn’t scratch up the paint), slid on both brackets, and while he did the first screw I held the other side up with a broom.  Craziness.

Anyways, I’m still waiting to get a few photos printed from our trip to India, so I’m planning on changing up some of the artwork soon.  But it was a sunny day and perfect lighting to take some pictures of the curtain rods!

edit7 edit8 edit5 edit8edit6 edit4 edit1 edit2 edit3

Lucy seems to like it, then again, Lucy likes any sunny room!  You might have noticed I took off the beaded dangles from the chandelier, I like it better a little dressed down but I have a REALLY good idea for lighting that involves lucite.  However, after hanging these curtains, I need a bit of a break from projects that require installation.

I also found that cute console table on CL and dressed it up a bit!  I’ll share more about that later.  The mirror is also a tad but high but like I said, I’m waiting on those pictures to come from Snapfish and perhaps I’ll do a little gallery wall.

What do you think of the new curtain rods?!

Linking up with September’s Pretty Pretty Party!

Have a great rest of your weekend!  Xo, Jess


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  1. September 23, 2015    

    I think those turned out great–and I like what you did with the Greek key ribbon. Ya gotta love IKEA! Thanks so much for linking this up at the Pretty Preppy Party!
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    • September 23, 2015    

      Thanks Christy! I’ve still got to change a few things but I’m headed in the right directions!

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