Choosing Fabrics For Your Home

Recently, I reupholstered my ottoman (pictured below).  See here for the details on how to reupholster your own ottoman!  I am in the process of making curtains on that match my ottoman as well and will post about that soon!  Now, it’s still a bit of a 3 ring circus in here so I am trying to figure out what is going to pull it all together…  Pillows!  


There is no better way to tie things together than pillows!

With patterns a common followed trend is: a large scale organic pattern, medium scale geometric pattern, and a smaller scale classic pattern or solid.

Here are a few examples:

This home follows the “formula” mentioned above.  The large scale organic is the “lead piece”, medium scale damask (it isn’t a geometric but do you see the point?), then the small scale geometric with the side chair.

Source Via Traditional Home

As you can see, I reference a lot of red and blue because that is my couch situation and I see that there is hope in my future for making things “go together”…


Source Via Traditional Home

Can you see the lead fabric in the pictures above?  Once you find your lead piece, theoretically, it should be easy from there.  But what if you’re like me and you’re trying to work with what you already have?!  I’ve gone about this process the entire wrong way so now I am backing tracking and in search for my lead fabric.

I have a couch that’s a burnt orange/ red and tan and another couch that is blue and tan so I need to find a lead fabric that encompasses all of these colors.  Enter Chiang Mai Dragon fabric and prepare to fall in love; isn’t this pattern fabulous!


I have fallen in love with the fabric and have stalked it on Pinterest.  However, it’s pretty pricey per yard so a girl is gonna have to dream about yardage right now.  But alas, you can get a swatch Chiang Mai Dragon fabric in your life from for only $7.  Fabric swatches can range from 4 x 6 to 12 x 18 so it’s a bit of a gamble but hey, it’s still Chiang Mai!

Moving right along and back into reality.  I order TONS of fabric off of is an EXCELLENT source for fabric.  First off their project design wall is a good way to see how fabrics will coordinate with each-other.  Also, shipping is free if you order total is over $35 and if you are just testing the waters with the fabric (which I often do) if you order a 1/2 yard you can return in 30 days for free!  So I ordered the next best/more affordable choice of dragon fabric.  I was not sure if I would like the aquamarine or the admiral print so what the heck, I ordered both since I knew I could return one.  The worst thing about ordering fabric online is waiting for it to arrive!  Once the fabric does arrive, I squeal with excitement and proceed to lay it out on my couches.

So I let my choices “marinate” for a few days and take a look at them each time I pass by the living room.  This give me some time to look at the fabric at different times of the day and decided which one I like best.

unnamed (7) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Of course, it’s a given, you know which fabric I’m obsessed with, Chiang Mai!  I decided to go with Chiang Mai as my center pillow and lead piece, a smaller scale animal print for accents and the same outdoor fabric as the ottoman and curtains for my anchor pillows (I will post pictures soon!).

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